Adding a Splash of Personality to Your Backyard Pool

Whether you’re looking for the perfect pool to entertain your guests or a quiet spot to read a book, there are so many options for swimming pools that are sure to meet your unique style. From colourful mosaic tiles to custom-built water features, there are a variety of ways that you can add a splash of personality and charm to your backyard.

One of the most popular and versatile options is a natural rock pool. These naturally-sculpted rock pools are a beautiful feature in any backyard, with their crystal-clear waters and stunning views. Many Sydney-based swimming pool construction companies specialise in building these kinds of pools, so you can trust that they will be able to create the perfect pool for your outdoor space.

The popularity of these natural swimming pools has grown in recent years, thanks to the growing trend for incorporating natural landscapes into home design and the desire for natural and organic materials. They are also the ideal choice for pool owners who want to reduce their environmental footprint, as these pools can be easily adapted and maintained with a range of eco-friendly options.

There are several ways that you can add a touch of natural flair to your pool, from installing a waterfall or planting native plants around the edge of the pool. Many pool builders will incorporate these natural elements into the design of your pool, so that you can enjoy a seamless transition between the natural world and your pool.

Sydney has an abundance of ocean pools, with more than 100 to be found on its beaches. They are a special part of the city’s coastal landscape and offer a tranquil place to swim or relax. These pools are usually created from rocks or carved out of headlands, and filled with ocean water that floods over the sides. Some are quite formalised, such as the Bondi Icebergs pool on the south end of Bondi Beach, while others are more informal and referred to as bogey holes (a reference to the Aboriginal name for these rock formations).

The seawater in these pools is incredibly clean and offers excellent visibility, making them great for snorkelling. They are also an excellent spot to watch seals, dolphins and whales in their natural environment. Whether you’re just relaxing with friends or heading out on a nature walk, the Sydney coast is the best place to experience these magnificent ocean pools.