Training the pectoral muscles is very popular with men, but developed pectoral muscles are also a great advantage for women. If you effectively train your pectoral muscles, your breasts will get bigger. To explain how this works, I first want to clarify the anatomy of the female breast.

Anatomy of the female breast

The female breast contains milk glands, fat tissue and connective tissue. In addition to these tissues, the breast also contains blood and lymphatic vessels. The connective tissue gives your breast a firmness. Important connective tissues for breasts are the ligaments of Cooper. They are connected to connective tissue around your pectoral muscles and to your collarbone (see the picture).

Anatomy of the chest

The breasts are on the chest above the pectoral muscles (m. pectoralis major and m. pectoralis minor and also m. serratus anterior). They run over the chest and are used to move your shoulder and arm. Especially when moving your arm forward such as: pushing, pushing, pulling, pulling and pulling up. Strong muscles make your breasts stand a little further forward and look bigger.
Not convinced yet? Take the test and see the effect of strong pectoral muscles

Keep your hands in front of your breasts and press your palms together. Hold the tension for a few seconds. Have your breasts gone up? Good! This is it!

What is the cause of the lifting effect on your breasts?

The developed pectoral muscles are larger and lighten the breasts (similar to a push-up bra).
Strong pectoral muscles are good coupling points for connective tissue (Cooper ligaments) that give strength to the breasts.
Regular training of the breasts stimulates the blood circulation of the breast tissue and the skin and keeps them elastic and supple.

Exercising your pectoral muscles easily at home

It is possible with the help of the classic exercises that the trainers have not for nothing called “push-up”. The weight of your own body is enough to stimulate the muscles.

Push-ups against the stairs (1.) and push-ups against the wall (2.) are simple exercises in which you train your breasts adequately. From the first position, the bottom of your pectoral muscles are trained to make your breasts a bit bigger and to support the ligaments of Cooper, while the second option for the top of your muscle is to cause the lifting effect (see the pictures).

Exercising push up pectoral muscles
Do I get ugly-muscled when I’m doing heavy strength training?


It is very difficult to build up a large muscle mass just because of the fitness training (especially for women). Bodybuilders train extremely hard and follow a very specific diet. So getting fat from muscle training is really not possible. By training 2 or 3 times a week you will look healthier and tighter and you will get a new and beautiful shape of the body.
Do my breasts disappear due to strength exercises?

Certainly not.

The fat in your breasts naturally increases. The older you get, the more fat there is in your breasts. The only way you can get the fat out of your breasts is to go to an extremely low fat percentage. This is what bodybuilders do and it often happens with all crash diets or when there is enormous overweight (obesity), so with fat % above 35. If your overweight is low, the fat, which determines the size of the breasts, will definitely remain between your mammary glands.

Fernanda Broda