Top 5 Hotel Pools in Hong Kong

Swimming has so many benefits including improving heart health, boosting energy levels and relieving stress. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why swimming is considered a great form of exercise! It also helps you get in shape faster with its high-intensity workout.

As the heat of summer kicks in, it’s time to get your swim on! However, it’s not always easy to get a spot in public pools with their peak-time crowds. Luckily, there are plenty of hotel pools in Hong Kong that offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle.

From secluded rooftop pools with breathtaking city views to family-friendly water zones, here are some of our favourite hotel pool staycations to book this summer.

The secluded rooftop pool at Rosewood Hong Kong offers a one-of-a-kind view of Victoria Harbour’s calm waters. Whether you’re doing morning laps for fitness or simply relaxing and hanging out during sunset, their 25-meter-long infinity pool is sure to impress. And after your swim, head over to their pool deck to enjoy some bar chow and drinks while you relax.

After a long-time wait, the iconic Hong Kong luxury hotel Regent has reopened its doors and its signature pool terrace. Offering stunning harbour views, this pool is a dream come true for those who love to soak up the sun and admire the scenery at the same time!

Aside from the incredible city views, the outdoor pool is also equipped with a jacuzzi where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent view. You can also dine at the poolside restaurant, where you can choose from a variety of delectable dishes that are perfect for sharing with friends or loved ones.

While it’s a bit pricey, a day pass to this pool is well worth the investment. You’ll enjoy unlimited use of the pool, gym and steam room as well as free parking. It’s a must-try for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong without having to deal with the rush of public pools.

With an astounding 150-degree sea view, the Tai Wan Shan pool is a must-visit for anyone who wants to enjoy a scenic view while swimming. It is also a great place to visit with kids as it has a number of water slides and fountains that will definitely entertain them. They also have a main pool, a teaching and leisure pool as well as a round stepping pool, making it a great place for everyone to swim and have fun!

This pool is also famous for its tropical plants and colourful pillars, so you’ll be sure to have a pleasant swimming experience here. The water is clean and you’ll have a lot of space to swim around, allowing you to fully enjoy the view! The only downside is that there aren’t any chairs or loungers to sit on by the pool, so you will need to bring a towel or blanket.