What is a Data SDy?

A data sdy is a statistic that measures the difference in performance between two people or teams. This is a key statistic used within human resource roles to make decisions such as who to recruit, who to promote or whether or not a training program is worth the investment. SDy is used across a wide range of functions and industries but is especially important in recruitment, selection, leadership development and employee engagement.

The S&P High Yield Dividend Aristocrats ETF (SDY) invests in large-cap value companies that pay dividends and exhibit value characteristics within the U.S. equity market. The ETF is linked to an index of 60 holdings that are weighted most heavily towards consumer, utilities and industrials. As such, it may be suitable for investors with a longer-term horizon.

For those new to the field of HR, SDy can seem like a daunting concept. However, it is actually quite a simple concept, and the application of this statistics technique can be very powerful. SDy is a measure of the difference in performance between a candidate and a current role incumbent, and it can be used to assess if a change in personnel will have a positive impact on the business.

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