What is the Hong Kong Prize?

The Hong Kong Prize is an award for scientific research that has a major impact on society. It is open to scientists worldwide and chosen through a rigorous review process free from sponsorship or special committee influence. This makes it one of Asia’s premier prizes and helps to boost the career prospects of many recipients.

In addition to the main prizes, the Hong Kong Prize also offers scholarships to help students pay for their education. Those who are interested in applying for this scholarship should visit the official website to learn more about the requirements. They should also make sure to read all of the rules and regulations carefully before submitting their application.

Applicants should submit an article that demonstrates originality, a strong understanding of Hong Kong history and culture, and impact on society at large. In addition to their writing skills, the judging panel will look at the applicants’ academic background and research experience. The competition is highly competitive, so it’s important to have both talent and dedication in order to win the hk prize.

Awarded to local and foreign young researchers in the fields of science, technology and innovation with a positive impact on Hong Kong society and industry, this annual award is open to both individuals and teams of up to five people. It is a merit-based award, selected through a process of peer review and independent expert panels. The winner will receive a certificate and a trophy, and will also be invited to an awards ceremony in Hong Kong.

Justice Centre Hong Kong ensures that no one walks alone on their journey to protection, justice and a decent life through legal support, psychosocial support and community initiatives. Since 2007, it has dedicated itself to promoting human rights and the protection of migrant communities through research and advocacy. The organisation has been a champion of the Hong Kong Prize and hopes that it will continue to be an ideal platform for raising awareness of human rights issues in this region.

In the field of arts, the HK Prize is presented in three categories: the Hong Kong Visual Arts Award, the Hong Kong Literature Award and the Hong Kong Film Award. The winners of each category will receive a cash prize and a certificate. The winner of the HK Literature Award will also be awarded a citation and a trophée.

The HK film award is given annually to the best Hong Kong films, based on votes from professional Hong Kong filmmakers. Past winners have included director and actor Benny Chan, who won best director for his police-and-robbers action flick Raging Fire at the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards. The other winners of the night were action choreographer and actor Donnie Yen, who won best action for his work on the film. The film also won the best film editing, best cinematography and best sound recording at the prestigious ceremony. The awards were held despite the ongoing pandemic, but the event was still attended by a full house.