Sydney Harbour Pools

Sydney’s stunning waterside pools are a draw for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re a swimmer, a water sports enthusiast or just looking for a break from the crowded beaches, these iconic harbour pools will refresh you and leave you with a beautiful escape.

Located near the Sydney Harbour Bridge and in one of the city’s hottest precincts, Marrinawi Cove is a new harbour swimming spot that opened up thanks to clean-up efforts around this section of the harbour. Its large rock steps provide plenty of space for swimmers to sit and sunbake between dips in the refreshing waters.

Tucked under Balmain’s sandstone cliffs, Mahon Pool is the oldest rock pool in Australia and is the only one that abuts the sea. Originally built in 1932, it has been described as the “impossible pool” because of its exposed location and the waves that crash into it at high tide. Despite its challenging nature, the pool has seen a number of famous swimmers including Olympic medallists.

The infamous Figure 8 Pools have become a hotspot for tourists and social media users in recent years, but the naturally formed geographical spectacle at Royal National Park isn’t without its risks. Many sightseers risk their lives by posing for Instagram photos along the rocks that are inundated by the tide at this popular attraction, with some visitors left with cuts and grazes after being knocked off balance.

While the Figure 8 Pools are a must-see, there are other stunning rock pools in Sydney that are a little bit harder to access. Located at Dee Why Head, North Curl Curl Rockpool is only accessible when the tide is out via the coastal walk along the beach or at low tide from a rocky outcrop of the headland. Although it is smaller in size, this pool offers an amazing ocean landscape with natural walls, central outcrop islands and lots of crevices to explore.

A day trip to Newcastle is worth it if you want to visit the Bogey Hole, or Commandant’s Bath, which was hewn from the rock platform beneath Shepherd’s Hill by convict labour and used as a private pool by the military commandant for his personal use. While it is a little more difficult to get to than some of the other harbour pools, this historic site is well worth the journey.

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