Awards and Prizes at the University of Hong Kong

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Awards for Students

The University of Hong Kong has established a number of prizes to encourage outstanding student performance in their studies. These include the HKU Distinguished Academic Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Studies, the Ho King Mau Memorial Prize in Community Medicine, the Father Cronin Memorial Award in Housing, and the Ellen Koo Prize in Social Sciences.

In addition, the Faculty of Engineering has set up the YC Jao Tao Su Prize in Economics. This is in recognition of the contributions that Mr YC Jao made to the School of Economics.

Hong Kong Society of Microbiology Book Prize In 1984, the Society of Microbiology agreed to donate a sum of $300 each year until further notice for the establishment of a book prize for the best results in the final microbiology examination of the Higher Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology course.

Kavli Foundation Prize in Astrophysics and Physics In 2000, the late Norwegian-born US philanthropist, Fred Kavli, established a prize for astrophysics and physics. He provided a total of US$200 million to establish 17 research institutes at universities around the world in astrophysics, neuroscience, and nanoscience.

Professor Wang Gungwu Loan Fund Prize In February 2013, Professor Wang Gungwu, former Vice-Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong, donated a sum of HK$100,000 (matched under the Sixth Round of the Government Matching Scheme) to establish two prizes at the Department of History for students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In addition, the donor wished to re-designate the balance of the “Professor Wang Gungwu Loan Fund”, which he supported in 1992, to this prize fund.

Falling Leaves Foundation Prize in Cross-Cultural Studies in English/English Literary Studies In 2010, Falling Leaves Hong Kong Foundation offered to endow one prize in Cross-Cultural Studies in the field of English or English Literary Studies by donating a capital sum of $100,000. This prize will be awarded annually with effect from the academic year 2010-11.

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