Redproteccionsocial is a practice in which the first line medicine is fully practiced. We strive to work according to the latest guidelines and developments. We do this in close consultation with you and try to provide individual customization.

You are responsible for your health, but we want to advise and assist you to make this possible.

We offer general practitioner care with two general practitioners, a somatic practitioner, a mental health practitioner, a youth mental health practitioner and three doctor’s assistants.

Our practice participates in the chain care Diabetes, COPD and CVRM. We also pay extra attention to our vulnerable elderly and organise Multi Disciplinary Consultation (MSD).

Our GP practice participates in the collection of data for scientific research by the Netherlands Institute for Healthcare Research (Nivel). The Nivel has a very strict privacy policy and does not receive any information from us with which patients can be directly identified. Patients can request more information from our care provider(s) and also register any objections there. More information can be found on the website of Nivel